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[AC] Thermoelectric Refrigeration (TEC) Thermal Design Exchange

Time:2019-5-28 22:17:30From:SagreonConcern:206

Today, insect friend Aileencen confided in me that I expect my TEC hot design exchange posts, from the last commitment to share and in the past for a long time, during which insect friend confided me about the application of TEC, now simply send out the knowledge of application class for discussion.

Before, I said that the post introduced thermoelectric refrigeration. I've been busy. Now I open the post. I'm sorry, I've kept you waiting for a long time! ________. When we talk about thermoelectric refrigeration, we have to talk about thermal design first.

The next two posts are about answering other people's questions in a knowledgeable way.

Author: Zhao Shuaijiao


Source: Know

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Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics Professional Passing, Refrigeration and Low Temperature Direction, Thermal Design Engineer.

Mobile phone heat dissipation, that is, thermal design, before the power of electronic devices is small, thermal design is done by structural engineers, there will be no heat dissipation problems, with the increase of power of electronic devices, thermal design becomes more and more important.

Thermal design and HVAC are quite different. Thermal design belongs to the product structure department, mainly for the heat dissipation of electronic devices, communication equipment and other products. Work content simulation optimization, product testing, etc. The simulation optimization mainly uses the existing commercial software to do: flotherm, icepack, 6Sigma ET and other software. Flotherm has the highest market share. The drawback of Flotherm is that it can't build curved surface, such as circular pipe in water-cooled plate. But there are Flotherm XT to mentor and floefd software, which is based on cero. catia. NT, and can be used for thermal analysis directly in these three modeling software. Icepack is a module in anasys, using a fluent solver. 6Sigma ET belongs to a module in 6Sigma DC. Many modules of special electronic devices can be used. It is very convenient and specializes in thermal analysis of products and systems. Among them, 6 Sigma root is a professional thermal analysis software for data center, which is very powerful.

Next, we will introduce the need for this thermal design job, which is also a concern of everyone.

Communication Industry: Huawei 2012 Laboratory, Huawei Hessic Direction Thermal Design, ZTE's Structural Department, ZTE Nubia, TCL Communications Shanghai. Exhibition News, Intel, IBM, Shanghai Bell, Cisco, Zhanbo Network, etc. Apart from the recruitment of new students for Huazhong ZTE, the others are basically recruited by the press.

Battery Thermal Management of Electric Vehicle: ATL~mainly Surface Battery, Thermal Design of Charging Pile~

Electronic Devices: Shanghai United Electronics, China Aeronautical Radio Electronics Research Institute, Aero-engine, Changchun Precision Instrument of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Association of Face-to-Face Computer Heat Dissipation, etc.

Wind Power Enterprises: Golden Wind Technology, Prospective Energy ~

Medical Devices: Myry, Pictures, etc. Basically make refrigeration system, water-cooling, etc.

Camera: Haikang Video, Dahua, Dajiang UAV, etc.

About employment prospects, thermal design is basically from construction, manufacturing to telecommunications, electronics industry, starting salary is absolutely higher than direct heating and ventilation. For example, Shenzhen, Huawei's freshmen are 10k, ZTE 9k. Haikang Weishi non-freshmen 15 K to 20 k, TCL 15K. Don't say much about the rest, but realize it by yourself.

Author: Zhao Shuaijiao


Source: Know

Copyright belongs to the author. For commercial reprints, please contact the author for authorization. For non-commercial reprints, please indicate the source.

Flotherm (flovent, Flotherm pcb) is the software with the highest market share. It is easy to use and fast to calculate. The disadvantage is that it does not support surface, circle and other geometry, so a Flotherm XT came out later. Floefd is also a kind of software. It is based on cero. catia. NX three-dimensional modeling software. It can directly conduct thermal analysis in the software. It is all Mentor's software.

Icepack, a module in ansys, is also a professional thermal analysis, using the fluent solver, compared with flotherm, convergence is difficult and calculation is slow, but the modeling function is relatively powerful!

6sigmaDC, this software is developed by mentor company's core R&D personnel. There is a module 6sigmaet which specializes in thermal design of electronic devices. The function is similar to flotherm, but the model supports the surface, the mesh is also non-mechanized, and the modules of electronic devices are relatively complete. There is also the 6Sigma room, which specializes in heat dissipation of data centers, and also has powerful functions. mentor company also has corresponding products, flovent!

The Performance Research of thermoelectric materials is mainly carried out by the people of material physics. Our research directions of power engineering and Engineering Thermophysics are mainly applied to thermoelectric refrigeration, such as small refrigerators, dehumidifiers, cabinet air conditioning of communication equipment, temperature control of medical devices, temperature control of CDD camera equipment, etc. Semiconductor lasers, temperature control of biological Petri dishes, temperature control of Optoelectronics in communication devices to prevent signal drift, etc., many application scenarios. The most familiar application scenario should be a cold and warm water dispenser, a piece of refrigerating film, get it done! Applications are basically refrigerated or heated by electricity. Thermal power generation is really not much practical application. Last year at the exhibition of electronic products in Shenzhen, RMT, Dahe and other enterprises came. The products are basically refrigerated. Thermal power generation products do exist, but the efficiency is very low and can not be applied on a large scale. If you are interested, please go to thermonamic, the official website of nanocoke, which has many interesting applications.

For example, the performance of a thermoelectric product of 30mm*30mm*3.4:

Having said so much, I would like to introduce some famous enterprises of thermoelectric refrigeration, which will also provide some references for future employment. There are many enterprises in the United States, the more famous ones are Marlow, Laird, Komatsu (producing micro TEC), Daiwa Thermal Magnetism, Fulianjing Qinhuangdao, etc., and RMT in Russia.

Next, we will talk about TEC from the perspective of application.

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