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Professor Fan Xian's team of Wuke University landed in Wutong Lake and moved the chip from the laboratory to the workshop.

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General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that the majority of scientific and technological workers should write their papers on the motherland and apply scientific and technological achievements to the great cause of modernization.

Colleges and universities in Hubei are resource-intensive and have obvious advantages in science and education. The key is to transform the advantages of science and education into strong development, and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements on the spot. At present, how about the landing of scientific research achievements in our province? How to solve the problem of "stuck neck"? Over the past few days, full-media journalists from Hubei Daily have visited some scientific and technological enterprises to listen to stories about the transformation of achievements. Now we are launching a series of reports. Please pay attention to them.

A pot of hot water was poured in and the LED light was on. The LCD screen of the watch wakes up with a gentle touch of the finger.

On the morning of March 24, Professor Fan Xian of Wuhan University of Science and Technology demonstrated the application of temperature difference power generation technology in daily life to the full-media reporter of Hubei Daily in Wutonghu New Area, Ezhou.

At the beginning of 2018, Fan Xian went to Ezhou with the technology of thermoelectric power generation to establish the Hubei Saigre New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and became the first school of Wushu University to participate in and teach entrepreneurship projects.

"The company's core technology is our self-developed chip. To solve the problem of "sticking neck" of thermostat chips and realize import substitution for telecommunication enterprises is the initial intention of our founding enterprises. Fan Xian carefully took out a 4 *4mm chip. "This is produced by a Japanese company. At present, our company can only achieve 6 *6mm, and is carrying out technical research."

Policy + Capital Professor Starting Business

"Poor reason leads to knowledge, and practice it." From the moment he stepped into the research of semiconductor chips, Fan Xian's vision aimed at practice.

With the support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, he led the team to successfully complete the basic research and pilot-scale experiment of distributed low-temperature waste heat thermoelectric power generation technology.

In the first half of 2017, during a school-enterprise docking activity, Wuhan University of Science and Technology recommended Fan Xian's project to Ezhou Changda Asset Management Co., Ltd. "We have always wanted to promote industrialization, suffering from lack of funds." Fan Xian said.

What is the future of the project? After nearly half a year of due diligence and expert review, Changda decided to invest 10 million yuan in project development.

Scientific research results are Professor Fan's professional behavior. How to make a share? How can professors avoid worries about entrepreneurship?

Fortunately, in 2015 and 2016, Our Province promulgated "Ten Articles of Science and Technology" and "Nine New Articles" successively, giving universities and scientific research teams the right to use, operate and dispose of scientific and technological achievements. In 2017, Wuhan University of Science and Technology promulgated management measures to encourage professors to start their own businesses on and off the job, and established 26 platforms to promote the transformation of achievements.

At the beginning of 2018, Fan Xian led two teachers and four master's graduates to Wutong Lake to register and set up Segrey Co., Ltd. with technology shares.

With capital, technology and market potential, Fan Xian's team seems to have a smooth sailing compared with starting a business from scratch.

However, how to move the samples from the laboratory to the factory, turn them into products and sell them to customers? To compensate for the shortcomings, the company hired two executives, one responsible for the market and one responsible for the administration.

Two executives left their jobs one after another in the toughest summer

From laboratory to workshop, from monolithic production to large-scale and mechanized production, Fan Xian realized the hardship of it through personal practice.

Chip material technology requirements are very high. Take a 15 *15 cm thermoelectric device for example. There are more than 20 main processes and 50 auxiliary processes. Any deviation in any link may lead to the discarding of the previous work.

Fan Xian and his assistant bought more than 50 kinds of glue in the market in order to find a kind of adhesive for fixing devices. After nearly a month of repeated comparative tests, they found the most suitable one.

No skilled skilled workers, no ready-made experience to follow, the first half of the year, the production of scrap rate is extremely high.

"When it starts, it's hundreds of thousands of yuan, but it's a pile of garbage. Although the salary is still the same, some employees still lose confidence." Fan said that in September, the most difficult month, the two executives hired by the company left their jobs one after another.

"Everyone comes out of the laboratory, we must have confidence in our technology!" Fan Xian stayed in the workshop day and night to cheer up the employees and work with them to solve the problem.

A thousand exercises and painstaking efforts. By November, the scrap rate was basically controlled at 3%, and the company also received its first order of $228,000.

Confidence is gold! The company went all out and soon signed another sales order of 5 million yuan. "Now, we need to produce 30,000 tablets a month. We are not strong enough." Fan Xian said.

Heart without distraction keeps clouds open and mists dispersed

Those who never give in are always looking for opportunities to succeed.

In addition to refrigeration and thermoelectric power generation, low-temperature waste heat recovery is also a major application direction of the semiconductor chip developed by Fan Xian.

"At present, the energy utilization rate of domestic high energy consumption enterprises is only 33%. Fan Xian, for example, takes steel-making as an example. Formed steel is naturally cooled from more than 1,000 degrees Celsius, which generates a lot of waste heat. Because it is difficult to collect, the energy is wasted.

Last week, Fan arrived in Gansu to sign a contract with a large enterprise to design and build a set of equipment for collecting high-temperature flue gas from copper smelting and converting it into electricity.

"This is the first case of low temperature waste heat collection and thermoelectric generation in China." Fan Xian said that the company will go all out to do a good job in this model project. At the same time, the company is also developing thermoelectric water cup, thermostatic cup pad, body temperature power generation watches and other life application products, to achieve the "one main and multiple" product pattern

"Our goal is to reach 11 million yuan in turnover this year, achieve a balance of profits and losses, and start making profits next year." On March 12, in the face of Ni Hongwei, the president of Wuke University, who came to visit, Fan Xian was full of confidence. "As long as the direction is right, there will be no obstacles that can not be overcome." Teachers at the school are looking at me. We need to find a way for professors to start their own businesses.

A Brief Comment on Improving Entrepreneurship

The policy bottlenecks of professors' entrepreneurship are gradually eliminated. However, from laboratories to workshops, from professors to entrepreneurs, we have crossed the threshold of policy, as well as the test of production and market.

From a sample to tens of millions of products, Segrey's "one chip" replication journey has experienced setbacks and repetitions in the unknown field, and also undertook the "touch the stone across the river" choking and wet body. To survive the darkness, we depend on the perseverance of entrepreneurship.

To cultivate entrepreneurship, for entrepreneurship professors, first of all, they should have "zero consciousness", put down their stature, start from scratch, and accept the test in the market tide.

To cultivate entrepreneurship, it is more necessary for the developers and holders of the achievements to be firm in "technological self-confidence", perseverance and enterprising, so as to open up a new road in no man's land.

Innovation is precious, and entrepreneurship will die. We hope that all sectors of society will take care of and support professors'enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, so that our world will be better because of innovation and creation.

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