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Apply Process

1. Delivery of resumes

Method 1: Send your resume to and indicate the post name.

Method 2: Log on to the official website of "No worries about the future". Search for the name of the company and choose the position of interest to send the resume directly.

2. Participate in written examinations and interviews

3. Signing Labor Contract/Agreement

Notes: Please bring your pen, resume and diploma to the interview.

Corporate Welfare

Five insurance and one pension: pension, medical treatment, industrial injury, childbirth, unemployment insurance and housing accumulation fund.

Bonus: Year-end Prize.

Pay training: induction training, skills training, job quality training to improve the overall ability of employees.

Employee Relations: Free travel once a year, statutory paid vacation, holiday benefits (materials or shopping cards), joys and sorrows, rich cultural and sports activities.

Working hours: 8:00-12:00; 13:30-17:30, weekend breaks, five days and eight hours.

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