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Thermoelectric Materials: Entering a New Era of Research and Development of New Energy Materials and Devices

Time:2019-5-28 22:27:21From:SagreonConcern:210

Professor Fan Ping's team

He is a senior expert in the field of material physics and has rich theoretical and practical experience. He has accumulated a lot in the field of semiconductor materials and devices, especially thin film semiconductor materials and devices.

He is the director of Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Advanced Thin Film and Applications, director of Shenzhen University Institute of Thin Film Physics and Applications, and leader of the interdisciplinary subject of thin film physics and technology. Behind these brilliant titles is Professor Fan Ping's decades of diligence and steadfastness. He has become a hard-working scholar, a dedicated and loving scientist.

It is this realistic attitude that has helped Fan Ping gain a lot in the fertile soil of high-tech research and industrialization of science and technology, and become an outstanding expert in the field of materials in China.

In 1979, Fan Ping was admitted to the Department of Physics of Zhejiang University. Since then, the door of the magnificent and magical physics world has opened slowly in front of him. Since 1985, he has been teaching in the Department of Applied Physics, Shenzhen University. He is currently the dean and professor of the School of Physics and Energy, Shenzhen University. From 2002 to 2005, his extensive experience in optical engineering at the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Shanghai Institute of Optical Precision Machinery) broadened his research horizon and field of vision, making him focus on thin film semiconductor materials and devices.

So far, Fan Ping has cultivated for 30 years in this position, and has achieved a series of research results with broad application prospects, and constantly wrote the legend of new material research and development.

Innovation in Theory and Arrogance on the International Stage

With the continuous development of time and science and technology, new discoveries have emerged and new ideas have emerged in the exploration of new energy materials and devices.

Thermoelectric material is a kind of functional material which can convert electric energy and thermal energy into each other. It has the advantages of green and environmental protection. Thermoelectric material film can not only regulate its thermoelectric characteristics through low-dimensional structure, but also be compatible with the current process of micro-semiconductor devices. It has broad application prospects.

Until 2012, domestic research on thermoelectric thin film materials and devices is still in its infancy. Fan Ping and his team began to develop thermoelectric thin films with traditional Bi-Sb-Te system and new Zn-Sb and Co-Sb systems by using physical vapor deposition technology with industrialization characteristics in 2009, and explore their related physical mechanisms.

The application of thermoelectric materials is mainly realized by thermoelectric devices. After nearly 10 years of unremitting exploration, Fan Ping finally developed a new type of double-sided film thermoelectric generator (thin film thermoelectric battery). This structure is easier to realize than the traditional structure of thin film thermoelectric cells in both the preparation and connection of electrodes and the packaging of devices, which lays a solid foundation for the industrialization of large-scale production of high-performance thermoelectric thin films.

The flexible thin film thermoelectric battery with 12.3% conversion efficiency and 10% conversion efficiency were successfully developed on flexible substrates. The performance index of the battery has reached the international leading level. It can not only provide enough high voltage at low temperature difference, but also has long service life, less consumables, low production cost, which meets the needs of industrial production. It has broad application prospects in civil, military and other fields.

Fan Ping's innovative technological achievements in the preparation of thermoelectric thin films and devices have been granted invention patents in China, the United States, the European Union and Japan. The research results of related devices were published in the important journal Applied Physics Express in 2013 and 2015, respectively, and obtained the same peers at home and abroad. High recognition.

The research of basic theory and the continuous innovation of science and technology have provided "wings" for the development of the industry. Fan Ping, in the field of thermoelectric thin film materials and devices, with a keen perspective and cutting-edge innovation, has consolidated the foundation for improving the core competence of the new material industry, so that the industrial development is no longer empty talk, and has stepped forward steadily.

Overcoming Difficulties and Helping Enterprises to Develop

As a scientific researcher, what is the highest pursuit of life?

It is the needs of the country. "The country should do what it needs!" This is what Fan Ping often says. As a scholar, although he spent a lot of time in the high-rise and deep academies of scientific research institutes, devoted himself to various elaborate theoretical exploration and scientific experiments, he also squeezed out more time to go to enterprises, face production, go to the scene, and make suggestions for industrial development.

The design and fabrication of a new type of temperature sensitive probe is a typical case. With the development of science and technology, people are more and more urgent to apply temperature sensors, such as ultra-small volume, ultra-fast measurement, special testing environment and special installation methods. However, traditional temperature sensors have many problems, such as large volume, more consumables, large heat capacity, slow response speed and so on.

Fan Ping innovatively uses ultra-thin and soft base material and thin-film thermoelectric electrode material to overcome the two technical difficulties of thin-film thermoelectric material oxidation at high temperature and the connection technology between thin-film thermoelectric electrode and output wire, and completes the development of a new type of temperature sensitive probe. The new probe has excellent response characteristics and application flexibility. It can integrate heat flow sensor, temperature sensor and other related sensors on a chip. At present, "Temperature Sensitive Probe and Its Manufacturing Method" has been authorized by China's invention patent, which provides a good condition for the next industrial application.

Through independent design, Fan Ping's research team has also successfully developed a model.

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