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President of Wuhan University of Science and Technology visited Segrey for exchange activities

Time:2019-5-28 22:11:29From:SagreonConcern:194

Production Workshop of Hubei Saigre New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Recently, Ni Hongwei, president of Wuhan University of Science and Technology, led his team to the enterprise founded by Professor Fan Xian of the Institute of Metallurgy and Metallurgy, Hubei Saigre New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. As the first school-run enterprise of Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Hubei Saigre New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has made great progress in recent years under the favorable ecological environment that the state actively encourages the transformation of scientific and technological achievements to the ground and the school supports the upgrading of innovation and Entrepreneurship of faculty and staff.

Professor Fan Xian introduced the company's products to President Ni Hongwei

Walk into Segrey, 2000 square meters office and production workshop, simple atmosphere. In the exhibition hall, the products developed by mood cup, thermostat cup pad, body temperature power generation watch and other companies are full of both technical content and humanistic feelings. Professor Fan Xian picked up a watch and introduced it. This watch uses the body temperature battery for intelligent wearing equipment developed by us. It uses the body temperature as energy source and uses the principle of thermoelectric power generation to provide a never-charging body temperature battery for watches.

Zhang Ying, the sales manager, took the conversation: "We directly hit the common pain points in the current battery market, and developed four core technologies, so that the battery will never be charged and will last indefinitely. It has broad application prospects. The domestic market demand can reach more than 60 million pieces and the output value exceeds 2 billion yuan. The first batch of 228,000 yuan orders have been completed.

President Ni Hongwei and his party inspected Professor Fan Xian's enterprise

During the visit, President Ni Hongwei praised Professor Fan Xian for his persistent cultivation in the field of waste heat recovery, thermoelectric power generation and other environmental protection fields, and achieved leading international and domestic scientific research results, and gave high praise. Ni Hongwei said that at present, the enterprise is still in the initial stage, facing many challenges, but the start is good, the basic research is deep, the product technology content is high, the future development is unlimited. I hope Professor Fan can make great efforts to keep up with the needs of the industry and be a brave dreamer.

Principal Ni Hongwei encouraged alumni working in Segrey to pursue their dreams bravely.

Five young alumni who joined Saigree after graduation expressed their admiration for Professor Fan's strength and courage, and wished to carefully care for Saigree's healthy growth; entrepreneurship was not easy, but they were willing to go all out.

Professor Fan Xian introduced the company's future development goals to the backbone of Technology

Professor Fan Xian thanked the leaders and departments of the school for their concern and expressed that he would live up to expectations. In the next three years, he would push all kinds of businesses to the fast track of rapid development, realize the independent core technology to reach the international leading level, form a production capacity of 1 million thermoelectric chips, realize the market sales of 50 million yuan, and build the thermoelectric disparity in Hubei Province. Electrical Engineering Research Center.

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