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Geothermal Industry

Time:2019-5-28 22:06:25From:SagreonConcern:166

Geothermal industry refers to the aggregation of enterprises and institutions involved in the exploration, development and application of geothermal resources. Geothermal energy is a huge natural energy resource in the earth, an important member of the new energy family, and a clean and sustainable energy. Geothermal industry is mainly composed of geothermal exploration and evaluation, geothermal application technology, geothermal personnel training system, geothermal equipment manufacturing, Geothermal Engineering Design and construction, and geothermal environmental management. In addition, the concept of geothermal industry, the importance of geothermal industrialization, the current situation of geothermal industrialization in China and the main measures for developing geothermal industry are elaborated in detail.

On the basis of the continuous progress of geothermal application technology, geothermal energy has been developed into electrical energy "thermal energy" production raw material "tourism" and other products. In this process, with the development of economic activities such as geothermal equipment manufacturing engineering design, construction, "environmental management" financial services, etc., there are obvious characteristics of market demand and supply.

From an economic point of view, the geothermal-related economic activities in the market at present have a complete industrial form and basic existing elements of the industry.

(1) With unique industrial technology (geothermal power generation/heating technology, etc.)

(2) Input-output characteristics (input of human, capital, geothermal and other resource elements into energy products such as electric energy, thermal energy and service products such as bathing, tourism, etc.)

(3) For the purpose of pursuing economic, social and environmental benefits, it has measurable industrial level output value (using economics, mathematics and other related knowledge to calculate geothermal-related economic activities has produced considerable economic and environmental benefits)

(4) There are many independent economic organizations which focus on the development and utilization of geothermal resources as the object of operation and scope of operation, from the exploration of geothermal resources upstream to the utilization of geothermal resources downstream! A relatively complete industrial chain has been formed. At the same time, in terms of scale, professionalization and social functions, geothermal economic activities also meet the requirements of industry regulations.

The term "geothermal industry" was put forward relatively early abroad, and the geothermal industry was put forward. Iceland's geothermal power generation industry was described and analyzed, but the specific content of the concept of geothermal industry was not clearly defined. Subsequently, the term geothermal industry was extended to the international geothermal market at an international promotion seminar on products and technologies for low-temperature geothermal industry held in Auradia, Romania.

Therefore, we believe that the geothermal industry refers to the aggregation of enterprises and institutions involved in a series of process activities such as exploration, development and application of geothermal resources.

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